2M Group of companies trial HVO fuel with Suttons Tankers as part of their commitment to sustainability

2M Group of companies trial HVO fuel with Suttons Tankers as part of their commitment to sustainability

The 2M Group of Companies, in collaboration with Suttons Tankers, have embarked on a six-month trial using hydrotreated vegetable oil as an alternative fuel aimed at decreasing carbon emissions.

As key players in the chemical and logistics industries, the 2M Group of Companies and Suttons Tankers jointly recognise their responsibility to sustainability and the ways in which they can work towards a greener future.

In this latest trial, dedicated vehicles from the 2M Water Treatment business, delivering critical products to water treatment sites across the UK, will run on a blend comprising 37 percent HVO instead of conventional diesel. Suttons Tankers recently trialled the usage of HVO on a selection of its fleet, which proved to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent.

The first four weeks of the trial with the 2M Group of Companies has seen emissions reduce by 3.8 tonnes so far, which is equivalent to driving a petrol car for more than 12,000 kilometres.

HVO is a sustainable fuel source with a significantly lower carbon footprint than diesel and is compatible with existing diesel engines without any need for modifications. Suttons are using HVO certified by Zemo Partnership, and the sustainability of the feedstocks and supply chain is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification.

Mark Johnson-Treherne, logistics manager at the 2M Group of Companies, says, “We are delighted to be trialling hydrotreated vegetable oil as an alternative fuel in our vehicles. By entering this six-month trial with Suttons, we are aiming to reduce our environmental footprint with innovative solutions whilst providing the same quality service for our customers.”

Darran Ledsom, business director for 2M Water Treatment, added, “The water utility customer base has challenged key suppliers to provide innovative and sustainable reductions in greenhouse gases across its supply chain. This project allows us to support these goals and further promote the core values of our water treatment business and the 2M Group.”

Rajat Bhardwaj, Suttons Tankers ESG manager, commented, “We are excited to be a part of this significant milestone in our sustainability journey. The results of our HVO fuel trial highlight the strides we are making towards reducing our environmental impact and embracing cleaner energy alternatives. The reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions demonstrate how effective HVO fuel is for driving sustainability within our operations. This reaffirms our commitment to integrating environmental considerations into our growth strategy. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives that benefit Suttons, its customers, and the communities it serves.”

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20 May 2024