Amfico Agencies offers tank container heating solutions

Amfico Agencies offers tank container heating solutions

Many liquids require special care during transit – some change their properties on fluctuation of temperature and these changes can be irreversible. Others need very high temperatures to melt them once they have solidified.

To prevent such undesired situations, Dirac has introduced its TransHeat solutions for tank containers, railcars, road tankers and IBCs – available now through Amfico Agencies.

The range of heating cables and mats can heat up between 180C to 600C, depending on the required application. The electrical heating is controlled by PT100 sensors with accuracy upto +/- 1C. The control box is equipped with circuit breakers for safety.

This application is widely used in many industries such as dairy, oils & fats, chocolate, resins & adhesives also for various chemicals such as MDI.

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29th November 2021