Automated container conditioning monitoring from Finland

Automated container conditioning monitoring from Finland

Finland-based ConexBird uses vibration and os­cillation technology to determine the condition of the cargo and tank container automatically. Invented and patented by Teuvo Heikkilä, co-founder and CEO of ConexBird, the system takes vibration footprint of a container (with or without cargo) that can be compared with subsequent readings to determine whether there has been any change in the condition of either.

ConexBird has developed different op­tions for portable and spreader-based hardware that collects this data, which is then sent wirelessly to a cloud application for analysis and reporting.

ConexBird said it has collected data on “tens to hun­dreds” of tank containers to date.

From the data, ConexBird generates a ‘mechanical age’ for the structure of each container and an estimate of repair costs over the next few years based on that con­dition. An advantage of using vibration and oscillation technology is that it can detect and assess structural issues beneath the paint.

“We are very pleased to show the world what can be done with ConexBird’s solution. ConexBird’s mission is to make container logistics faster, smarter and greener,” it said.

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4th October 2021