Baker Hughes achieves new hydrogen milestones to accelerate transition to hydrogen economy

Baker Hughes achieves new hydrogen milestones to accelerate transition to hydrogen economy

Baker Hughes, the energy technology company, unveiled several milestones during its 24th Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, showcasing its commitment to supporting the growth of the hydrogen economy as part of its broader strategy in new energy. These achievements encompass advancements in hydrogen enabling technologies, progress in executing hydrogen projects for customers, and new collaborations in the hydrogen sector.

Key milestones include:

  1. Hydrogen Testing Facility: Baker Hughes introduced a new Hydrogen Testing Facility to validate its NovaLT™ industrial turbines, enabling full load testing with blends up to 100 percent hydrogen. The facility features a 300-bar pressure and 2,450 kg storage capacity, ensuring safety and security standards crucial for hydrogen applications. This facility will serve as a hub for collaboration with customers in the expanding hydrogen economy.
  2. NovaLT™16 Hydrogen Turbines: The manufacturing and testing of NovaLT™16 hydrogen turbines for Air Products’ Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Edmonton, Canada, were completed. These turbines, suitable for various industrial applications, underwent full load testing at the Hydrogen Testing Facility.
  3. Hydrogen Compression Solutions for NEOM Project: Baker Hughes delivered the first two trains of advanced hydrogen compression solutions for the NEOM green hydrogen project in Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest green hydrogen project.
  4. Collaboration with HyET: Baker Hughes entered a collaboration agreement with HyET, a company specialising in low-cost, distributed power generation and hydrogen production at high pressure, focusing on developing, industrialising, and commercializing an advanced hydrogen compression solution.
  5. Memorandum of Understanding with Green Energy Park: Baker Hughes signed an MOU with Green Energy Park, a vertically integrated renewable energy company, to explore collaboration in multiple areas of the green hydrogen value chain, including production, storage, transportation, and utilization of green hydrogen and ammonia-based fuels.

Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes, emphasised the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration to address the urgent need for the energy transition and achieve net-zero targets. The company’s comprehensive portfolio covers the entire hydrogen value chain, incorporating advanced technologies and solutions for production, transportation, and utilisation of hydrogen.

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2nd February 2024