Canadian Pacific developing hydrogen train locomotive

Canadian Pacific developing hydrogen train locomotive

Canadian Pacific has been working on the development of a hydrogen train locomotive as a part of its strategy to transition to a low-carbon economy.

The technology represents the first line-haul H2 locomotive being developed in North America.

This is the first hydrogen train locomotive being developed as a solution for the decarbonisation of freight rail. Canadian Pacific (CP) is a provider of sustainable rail and intermodal transportation services throughout North America as well as in other areas worldwide. The company has been working to achieve and hold a position as a climate action industry leader.

The climate crisis has created a critical demand for new approaches and technologies to a low-carbon future. The company is working to meet this challenge by keeping flexible to the needs of the world while building resilient operations that will be prepared for a low-carbon future.

In North America, a hydrogen train locomotive is meant to further improve rail shipping.

Rail shopping of North American goods is already among the most energy-efficient transportation methods over land. The transportation sector as a whole in 2020 comprised about 27 percent of the Canadian and American greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That said, the transportation of freight via rail comprised only 2.3 percent across the transportation sector.

Rail represents a fuel efficiency four times greater than long-haul trucking. Moreover, it also generates 75 percent lower GHG emissions. Furthermore, a one-unit locomotive can keep over 300 trains off public highways, offering considerable environmental and community advantage.

Despite being the most fuel-efficient method of land shipping, the freight rail sector needs efficient systemic and technological advances to further decarbonise the industry. An investment in innovation, encouraging fresh partnerships, operation optimisation and holding a solid focus on precision scheduled railroading fundamentals, has placed CP in a position in which it is already moving forward toward a positive impact.

Hydrogen train locomotives can help to ensure a low-carbon future while securing the future of global supply chains. The company’s strategy includes their sustainable operations as an imperative component of its future growth and ongoing success.

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20th July 2022