CROSSOVER Group celebrating 10 years of excellence and growth!

CROSSOVER Group celebrating 10 years of excellence and growth!

Since 2014, CROSSOVER Group has transformed from a start-up with no experience to a global tank container operator. The company is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary during the week of 22 June 2024 with multiple activities.

Founded by CEO Asia Wang, CROSSOVER Group provides global logistics services for the shipment of bulk liquid chemicals and food-grade products. From its headquarters in Singapore to international offices across 16 countries, the company ensures safe, cost-effective, and tailored transportation solutions.

The past year presented challenges, including rapid growth and various difficulties, but CROSSOVER Group is proud of its high-performing team and their commitment to hard work and dedication. To mark this milestone, the CROSSOVER Group team engaged in various celebratory activities. They kicked off with a business trip to Shanghai to meet with their dedicated China team. Alongside knowledgeable representatives, they attended Transport Logistic China 2024, where they shared their expertise and connected with industry professionals. Following the exhibition, the team visited JJAP, one of their most trusted tank manufacturers. The celebration week concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony at their Suzhou office.

As a leading asset management firm specialising in ISO tank containers for the international energy, chemical, and gas industries, CROSSOVER Group offers tank container leasing, international logistics, and transport services to meet all logistical needs. The company designs and provides different lease structures and manages the acquisition of critical transport assets. With over 10,000 units of ISO tanks meeting the highest industrial standards of safety for transporting, CROSSOVER ensures the safe, efficient, and quick delivery of bulk liquids, powders, or gases.

CROSSOVER Group’s slogan, “Make It Happen,” is more than a phrase; it is a testament to their collective spirit and determination. The company fosters a family-like environment that is both supportive and inspiring.

Reflecting on their incredible journey filled with growth, achievements, and invaluable partnerships, CROSSOVER Group continues to enhance their services to provide the best customer experiences. Striving for excellence in every journey, they are committed to making it happen together.

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10th July 2024