Den Hartogh APAC’s supply chain support service

Den Hartogh APAC’s supply chain support service

Den Hartogh APAC has again been designated by an Australia customer to assist with their major annual plant turnaround involving more than 100 isotanks with several heating and baffles needs this month. 

With over 20 years of experience, its knowledge of customers’ storage and inter-modal requirements has enabled it to be able to work safely side by side throughout the entire turnaround event. 

Den Hartogh APAC and its network partner Transom Marine Services are continuously seeking innovative solutions to meet and exceed the complex logistics requirements of their customers in the region. 

They have the experience and the network to build and manage stocks in containers for dry bulk, gas and liquid bulk chemicals.

Den Hartogh is perfectly positioned to support customers with stock and inventory flexibility in any part of the supply chain and in any region of the world, thanks to their large fleet of containers.

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1st June 2021