Donnie Wahlberg teams up with Clean Fuels Alliance America to drive awareness for Bioheat fuel.

Donnie Wahlberg teams up with Clean Fuels Alliance America to drive awareness for Bioheat fuel.

Acclaimed actor and Boston native Donnie Wahlberg is teaming up with Clean Fuels Alliance America in a vibrant campaign aimed at raising awareness about Bioheat fuel, an environmentally friendly and sustainable home heating solution derived from plants, including soybeans. Wahlberg, renowned for his deep connections to the Boston community, is enthusiastic about spearheading this initiative, reconnecting with his roots, and advocating for a cleaner future for the Northeast.

Bioheat fuel represents a renewable energy source that blends traditional heating oil with biodiesel, offering a substantial reduction in carbon emissions and environmental footprint. Wahlberg’s collaboration with Clean Fuels is underpinned by a mutual dedication to promoting sustainable energy solutions and cultivating environmental stewardship.

“We are thrilled and privileged to welcome Donnie Wahlberg onboard with Clean Fuels in our endeavor to advance sustainable energy solutions,” stated Clean Fuels CEO Donnell Rehagen. “Donnie’s involvement amplifies our campaign’s impact, shining a spotlight on the positive contributions of Bioheat® fuel both locally and globally. Together, we believe we can inspire meaningful change and encourage individuals to transition to cleaner, more sustainable heating alternatives.”

“I have two sons. When they come to Boston to visit my family, and they see that big oil tank in the basement, they are like, ‘What is this?’ How great is it that I can now tell them, ‘You know what’s in there, vegetable oil,’” expressed Wahlberg. “It’s changing right under our noses, we just have to realise that it’s right there. To know that my kids understand that, despite being from an older generation, I care and I’m actively contributing to safeguarding their future and that of their children – that means everything to me.”

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8th February 2024