Dutch LNG-ZERO concept receives subsidy

Dutch LNG-ZERO concept receives subsidy

Dutch maritime consortium has received financial aid for the LNG-ZERO concept, an ambitious research project originally introduced by TNO.

LNG-ZERO is an ambitious research project, in addition to international carbon capture research projects like Everlong. It wants to develop technology and strategy for reducing exhaust emissions to contribute to the sustainable shipping industry.

Dutch research institute TNO originally introduced this project.

It said: “LNG-ZERO is ahead of future IMO regulation and in this project, we’re developing technology which can ensure total decarbonisation of the maritime industry – which enables us to fight the worldwide challenge regarding the climate crisis.”

The threefold strategy for the project is as follows:

  1. Capturing the carbon dioxide (CO2).
  2. Significant reduction of methane slip (CH4) / N-emissions.
  3. Bringing the captured carbon to shore for new applications or directly offshore for permanent geological storage.
  4. Additionally, any residual emissions are offset by the use of bio-LNG.

Furthermore, ships running on conventional fuels can also apply the technologies for capturing carbon and reducing N-emissions.

For more information visit www.government.nl

13th December 2021