EMCO Wheaton and Scully Signal announce partnership

EMCO Wheaton and Scully Signal announce partnership

TankTek™ is a revolutionary solution for tank monitoring developed by the partnership of Emco Wheaton and Scully Signal Company. This innovative product combines bottom loading vapour recovery, overfill prevention, and static grounding verification to ensure comprehensive safety for workers and the environment.

The TankTek system offers several key advantages. It decreases downtime and repair expenses by providing a robust and long-lasting system. It also ensures timely and reliable deliveries, maximising vapour retention while preventing spills during the filling process.

Manufactured in both the United Kingdom and the United States, the TankTek system benefits from vertically integrated facilities known for operational excellence and top-quality output. It integrates Scully’s patented DynaCheck self-checking module into its electrical system, guaranteeing reliability throughout its life cycle.

As TankTek makes its debut in the North American market, Emco Wheaton is committed to working closely with customers to understand their business and technical needs. They aim to provide equipment that optimises the loading and unloading process, enhances efficiency, and stimulates growth.

Scully Signal Company serves as the exclusive point of contact throughout the United States and Canada for the TankTek system. They will provide expert support during the adoption and installation process through their sales and technical teams.

Both Scully Signal and Emco Wheaton are renowned industry leaders committed to safeguarding people and the environment. Scully provides fluid detection and handling safety equipment, while Emco Wheaton offers a comprehensive range of tank truck equipment and systems for secure loading and unloading.

Together, Emco Wheaton and Scully Signal have developed TankTek, a game-changing solution that prioritises safety, efficiency, and environmental protection in the fluid handling systems industry.

For more information visit www.emcowheaton.com/en-gb/

12th September 2023