EPCA 56th Annual Meeting 2022

EPCA 56th Annual Meeting 2022

The petrochemical sector, like many others, is being challenged with unimaginable change for the foreseeable future, forcing the industry to reconsider how to deal with the problems of today – and tomorrow! So, what does the future hold? Let’s find out together as thankfully, we can finally meet face-to-face!

Let’s explore all the topics that are front and centre of our minds at this EPCA member-exclusive event. Never has it been more important for our industry to step-up to the challenges associated with achieving net-zero, the UN SDGs and creating a positive impact at scale to play an active role in sustainable transformation. How will our industry rise to these challenges?

While COVID-19 is fading away – but still causing disruption in some parts of the world – the tragic Ukraine conflict is adding another burden to the European chemical industry by pushing up feedstock and energy costs and increasing our disadvantage compared to global competitors.

We know from experience that there is no better place than the EPCA Annual Meeting to talk, engage and plan for the future. Share your inspiration with others at the 56th Annual Meeting!

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 4 – 6 October 2022

Website: events.bizzabo.com/EPCA_AM56_2022/