Gas, LNG & The Future of Energy 2024

Gas, LNG & The Future of Energy

Join us at the second annual Wood Mackenzie Gas, LNG & The Future of Energy Conference in the City of London from 22-23 October 2024 for industry expert insights and debates to gain a global perspective on these challenges.

Key themes include:

  • The State of the Gas / LNG Industry: Understand the key market trends and uncertainties that currently exist and what the future holds in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East
  • A System in Flux: Get the latest on the challenges the industry is facing, from geopolitics to financial barriers and cost inflation
  • The Race to Net Zero: The future of gas and LNG in the energy transition and the realities of reaching net-zero with gas as a ‘transition fuel’. Gain insight on how emerging economies vs advanced economies are using gas and LNG to meet their net-zero pledges
  • Realities of Decarbonisation: Exploring how the industry is decarbonising the supply chain with technology and innovations

Location: London, UK

Date: 22-23 October 2024