HOYER Group uses big data to predict tank container M&R activities

HOYER Group uses big data to predict tank container M&R activities

The HOYER Group has replaced its previous M&R (maintenance & repair) system with the new M&R module of Adaption. The software ensures that HOYER can analyse and predict the tank container M&R activities by using big data.

The international logistic service provider, which specialises in the transport of liquid cargo by road, rails, and water, has more than 39,000 tank containers. Depending on their type of use, these tank containers are regularly inspected for damages and necessary maintenance by specialised repair shops.

“We have decided to replace the previous M&R system because it no longer met our requirements of modern tank container M&R administration,” said Peter Jürging, Chief Information Officer at HOYER. “Our previous software system was not detailed enough for comprehensive analysis on our M&R activities.”

The new M&R software allows HOYER to collect more information about specific maintenance or repair items necessary on a tank container. The software also keeps track of which component exactly needs to be repaired, how it has to be repaired and the location of the repair on the tank container.

Because of the big amount of data HOYER has available, the analyses can be made very specific. By combining the transport, maintenance and repair data, HOYER will be able to predict trends.

“By collecting and combining data, we can make very precise analyses,” Jürging said. “When statistics show that a certain type of container repeatedly needs maintenance, we can take proactive actions to prevent possible damages. With this knowledge, we can optimise our M&R costs and turnaround times. In addition, HOYER can tailor M&R and modification programs for dedicated services to satisfy the needs of customers.”

The maintenance shops and HOYER M&R representatives communicate via the M&R portal. The workshops provide estimates, after which a HOYER M&R employee evaluates the estimate and approves. After the approval, the workshop is being notified accordingly. Communication via the portal makes it possible to work much more efficient and faster. In the past, the workshops and M&R employees had to continuously mail and call, which took more time on both sides. By using the available data, HOYER can determine the tank container that requires maintenance, in order to prevent additional repair costs in the future.

“Not only the analysis of data ensures a cost reduction,” said Jürging. “Another part of the M&R module is the contracts and rates system.”

Toon Schilder, HOYER Managing Director of adaption, added: “All price agreements of HOYER are included in the contracts and rates systems. When employees of the workshops make an estimate in the M&R Portal, the agreed rates are automatically shown. This way of working reduces many incorrect data entries. In the end, the evaluation of all data and rate schedules can be used to negotiate competitive rate agreements.”

For more information, visit: www.hoyer.com

13th August 2018

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