Leschaco selects E2open’s transportation management system as its logistics platform

Leschaco selects E2open’s transportation management system as its logistics platform

E2open Parent Holdings Inc, a leading network-based provider of a cloud-based, mission-critical, end-to-end supply chain management platform, have announced that Leschaco, a global tank container and logistics service provider, has selected E2open as its next-generation TMS partner.

E2open’s web-based Transportation Management intelligent application will serve as Leschaco’s operational backbone and is being deployed at all 73 of Leschaco’s locations in 23 countries worldwide.

Leschaco sought a solution with a richness of deep functionality to efficiently manage its customers’ air, sea, and land freight movements. The technology would also need to integrate with many of its homegrown solutions and other key applications.

“We are delighted that Leschaco has selected E2open as its strategic partner to provide the best-in-class forwarding solution to support their digital transformation, future growth, and high standard of customer service,” said Ron Kubera, sector president, distribution, for E2open. “The trust and cultural alignment between our organisations are evident – the cooperation has been outstanding as we build a long-lasting relationship to deliver sustainable and competitive value for Leschaco.”

“We have come to the realisation that E2open is the ideal partner for Leschaco from a software capability point of view as well as from a cultural fit,” added Constantin Conrad, chief digital officer of Leschaco.

“We have ound a reliable partner that will support us in this change and along our business needs in the future,” said Jörg Conrad, CEO of the group of companies.

E2open’s modern, web-based platform provides Leschaco with enhanced functionality to optimise operational efficiencies and increase productivity. The cloud-based application, hosted by E2open, is a global system that supports all regions. Over the long-term partnership, E2open will support Leschaco’s goals to continue automating and streamlining processes, increasing flexibility to adapt to change, and enhancing visibility and tools to optimise customer experience.

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25th April 2022