MIDAS 2 for misfuel prevention awarded ATEX & IECEx certifications

MIDAS 2 for misfuel prevention awarded ATEX & IECEx certifications

Berry’s Global Innovations, the industry leader in crossover prevention, has been awarded ATEX & IECEx certifications for its MIDAS 2 misfuel and crossover identification and avoidance systems.

The all new MIDAS 2 portable solution is now market ready with a number of live trials set to take place over the coming months. The MIDAS 1 fixed solution has been on the market since 2012 with installations taking place globally.

The MIDAS 2 is a portable device that connects to above or below ground fill points in retail fuelling stations. The unit comprises of a valve with intelligent control that can discriminate between petrol and diesel grades of fuel. The purpose of the unit is to stop the wrong product entering the tank and causing a misfuel or crossover.

The MIDAS 2, available in multiple formats, accommodates all delivery scenarios whether above or below ground, with the introduction of the MIDAS Elbow for the below ground market and Compact suited for the above ground market.

Jac Williams, Managing Director of Berrys Global Innovations, commented: “Ever since its introduction into the market in 2012, the MIDAS has changed the landscape of mis-fuel protection. With our assured reliability having just over 2,000,000 deliveries pass through the system and no issues reading the correct and incorrect fuel type, the MIDAS truly is the engineered solution the industry needs.”

Performance and user experience have been key features in the development of the 2nd generation of the product. The portable solution offers 10 years’ worth of battery life with the help of a unique patented eco recharging system that charges the internal batteries during each delivery by harnessing the energy from the flow of fuel. A 16-character LCD screen also provides the driver with detailed instructions throughout the duration of the delivery as well as providing a clear in the case of cross contamination.

Berrys Global Innovations latest product continues to set the standard for mis fuel prevention.

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21st June 2019