Neste partners with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Neste partners with the Exponential Roadmap Initiative

Neste and the Exponential Roadmap Initiative have embarked on a collaboration aimed at aligning with the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion’s Race to Zero criteria. The goal is to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating climate action within Neste’s business and global value chains.

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champion’s Race to Zero is the world’s largest coalition of non-state actors working to reduce emissions, and ERI, an accredited partner, will support Neste by advising on meeting the Race to Zero criteria.

ERI focuses on transitioning away from the fossil economy and scaling climate solutions to halve emissions before 2030. It assists companies like Neste in reducing emissions, shifting portfolios to climate solutions, and influencing regulation.

Neste’s collaboration with ERI reinforces its commitment to reducing GHG emissions and aligning with the 1.5°C pathway outlined in the Paris Agreement. By working together, they aim to develop, share, and scale best practices to drive climate action globally.

Recognising the urgency of reducing emissions, Neste is committed to halving global GHG emissions every decade and achieving global net zero GHG emissions by 2050 or sooner. The company closely follows leading climate frameworks like ERI to guide its climate commitments.

Neste’s ambition to transform its operations aligns with ERI’s mission to support companies in providing sustainable climate solutions. By leveraging its expertise in sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, Neste aims to significantly reduce emissions and transition to carbon-neutral production.

Through initiatives like transforming its refinery in Porvoo, Finland, Neste is steadfast in its commitment to aligning with the scientific 1.5°C pathway while upholding high standards for biodiversity, human rights, and supply chain sustainability.

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6 May 2024