New Smart-Hose® Extreme Pressure PTFE Hose Assembly

New Smart-Hose® Extreme Pressure PTFE Hose Assembly

The Smart-Hose® Extreme Pressure PTFE Hose Assembly is designed to work with extreme pressure PTFE hoses. It utilises an internal cable that is designed specifically for extreme pressure PTFE gas applications.

When a high-pressure cylinder filling hose assembly fails, the hose can whip violently resulting in property damage, personnel injury, and even death. The Smart-Hose® Safety System can protect your facilities and workforces from the potentially devastating consequences associated with high-pressure hose failures.

Integrated valves will instantly stop product flow if a catastrophic failure occurs. No human intervention is needed to activate.

Features and benefits

  • Tested under water with CDA or nitrogen to working and test pressure.
  • 2-piece live swivel end fittings. (Standard)
  • All high-pressure hose assemblies are oxygen cleaned to industry standards.
  • Serial numbered and shipped with a test certificate and operating booklet.

Optional apparatus

– CGA connections – Scuff Guard and more.

Hose data

  • Tube: Gas quality or heavy wall smooth-bore virgin PTFE tube
  • Reinforcement: 2 Aramid Braids and 1 High Tensile 304 Maypole Wound SS Braid
  • Cover: SS Armor available on request
  • Temperature: -54oC to +150oC (-65oF to +302oF)
  • Accessories: Safety Loops; External Cable; Bend Restrictors; CGA


Hose ID: 1/4″

Working Pressure PSI: 9000

Burst Pressure PSI: 36000

End Fittings: 316-SS FNPT

End Fitting Wt./lb.: 0.40

Part Number: P23-002-55-XXXX-0-00-00

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8th June 2021