Northeast China’s largest natural gas storage is put into operation

Northeast China’s largest natural gas storage is put into operation

The expansion project of the natural gas storage groups from China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in Liaohe Oilfield, in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, has been put into operation, which will significantly improve the capacity of gas supply in Northeast China, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas throughout this winter.

Entering November, Northeast China turned on public heating systems, leading to the gradual increase in gas consumption. After coming online, the daily gas extraction of the gas storage with the largest peaking capacity in China, will be doubled from previous years.

Tan Deku, a manager from CNPC’s Liaohe Oilfield, said that the peak daily gas extraction can meet the demands of 30 million households. Since the first round of gas extraction in 2016, the gas storage group in Liaohe has extracted 5 billion cubic metres of gas, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 4.353 million tonnes, compared with coal of the same combustion value.

The expansion project has strategic significance in adjusting China’s energy structure, and promoting energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction, in order to cope with climate change, as well as ensuring gas supply security and national strategic reserves.

In 2035, the project is expected to consist of the largest underground gas storage group in China, with a peaking capacity of 10 billion cubic metres.

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24th November 2021