Phoenix leverages employee engagement amid pandemic

Phoenix leverages employee engagement amid pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses in remotely managing employee experience. 

Phoenix Petroleum said: “As a result of proper foresight and collaboration among the company’s teams and units, we were able to leverage employee engagement amid the challenging situation.”

The surge in work-from-home setups led companies to implement new guidelines and programs to ensure that employees are safe, productive and supported. Phoenix was initially hit hard when lockdowns were imposed at the start of 2020 and companies were forced to operate at less than minimum capacity. 

Phoenix vice president for human resources, Celeste Marie Ong, said: “Safety was our utmost priority. We were closely monitoring the spread of the virus since it made the news, and with the assessment of our safety department, and judgment of the management.

“We announced alternative work arrangements, including the work-from-home set-up, days before the government implemented quarantine restrictions. It was a challenging year as the pandemic abruptly changed how we operate and manage company and business activities”

Phoenix provided several support mechanisms – they released a portion of their monthly salary and Christmas bonus in advance. They also allotted allowance for internet connectivity.

The planning saw as many as 70 percent of Phoenix employees working from home. The HR team would conduct one-on-one check-ups with employees through chat every quarter for building company morale and camaraderie. 

On top of Phoenix’s positive business performance at the end of 2020, it also reported positive results on its annual employee engagement survey, including earning high assessment marks on its business response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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10th June 2021