Poseidon Med II lays the foundations for a sustainable and efficient LNG supply chain

Poseidon Med II lays the foundations for a sustainable and efficient LNG supply chain

Poseidon Med II (PMII) encompasses all the technical, regulatory, operational, and financial parameters required to establish a viable, efficient, and sustainable supply chain in the region and unlock the necessary investments for the realisation of the small-scale LNG (ssLNG) infrastructure in the area.

Under growing pressure to follow a greener pathway towards a decarbonised future, with an increasing number of international and European regulations and standards limiting emissions coupled with the prospect that the maritime sector will be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the establishment of an emission control area (ECA) in the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon, the shipping industry needs to turn climate change targets into tangible action.

So, in order to establish an economically viable supply chain, PMII has financed a series of studies assessing the cost of LNG bunkering logistics and synergies with other sectors, such as supply with natural gas the industrial and/or the urban network of Western Greece (Patras & Igoumenitsa) and Vassilikos (Cyprus).

Furthermore, because of targeted dissemination events and communication action plan, stakeholders and the general public alike are better informed on the use of LNG as a maritime fuel and the importance of creating sustainable shipping.

Poseidon Med II has already laid the foundations for LNG bunkering in the Eastern Mediterranean, setting the example for a cleaner, more effective, competitive, and sustainable marine transportation. With Poseidon Med II Eastern Mediterranean is sailing into the LNG era, in line with the IMO’s and the EU’s “Fit for 55” goals.

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20th December 2021