ProRail connects Theemswegtracé in the Port of Rotterdam to the existing port railway line

Congestion at ports causes problems for oil and fuel shippers

The planned six-day closure of the Port Railway Line that was necessary to achieve this has now ended. The first freight train ran over the brand new, four-kilometre track at 5am on November 8.

The Theemswegtracé is consistent with the efforts of the Port Authority, governments and the port business community to increase the volume of freight transported by rail. Good accessibility and a seamless connection to the hinterland are of great importance to the Port of Rotterdam.

This is why the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Dutch government and the European Union invested in the Theemswegtracé.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority coordinated and implemented the project in conjunction with ProRail and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

The Port of Rotterdam said: “The Theemswegtracé improves the accessibility of the port, reduces CO2 emissions and takes pressure off the road network. Currently, most containers are transported from Rotterdam to their destination by truck.”

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8th November 2021