Suttons international deliver bespoke solutions for global operator in EV supply chain

Suttons international deliver bespoke solutions for global operator in EV supply chain

Suttons International recently discussed their strategic collaboration with a prominent electric vehicle manufacturer operating a Battery Manufacturing Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada, USA. This manufacturer sources electrolytes from South Korea, a vital component for the batteries powering their electric vehicles.

In partnership with a Japanese company, Suttons International utilises tank containers to transport electrolyte solution from Busan, South Korea, to the Gigafactory in Nevada. The Gigafactory operates continuously with three production lines to meet demand. Suttons and their Japanese partner provide dedicated support to one of these production lines, making accurate and on-time delivery crucial. Suttons is tasked with planning and managing the transportation of laden tanks over a significant distance, coordinating shipping, trucking, storage, and the return of empty containers back to Busan for reloading, creating a continuous loop. This process requires close alignment between regional teams based in Southeast Asia and the United States to deliver consistently excellent customer service.

The Challenge

The just-in-time delivery requirements and the continuous flow of electrolyte needed for battery manufacturing presented operational challenges. To sustain the manufacturing process, an immediately available supply of electrolytes for call-off is required in proximity to the plant. An efficient drop-and-swap procedure had to be implemented to achieve this.

The Solution

Operational planning teams overcame the challenge of requiring a continuous flow of electrolytes by identifying storage facilities in Stockton, CA, significantly reducing the distance for transport. Upon arrival at the Stockton depot, tanks are checked and either repressurised using nitrogen or resealed while awaiting call-off from the plant.

Operational teams coordinated with a trucking partner to facilitate a process of swapping the laden tank and chassis at the production line with the empty tank on chassis. This seamless chassis exchange process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Implementing these solutions resulted in positive outcomes. Key performance indicators such as on-time delivery rates, fulfilment accuracy, and transit times significantly improved, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

The ability to develop and execute logistics solutions across a global supply chain underscores Suttons’ expertise and dedication, focusing on safety, sustainability, and delivering essential products.

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6 June 2024