The latest generation of titanium tanks developed by HOYER Group

The latest generation of titanium tanks developed by HOYER Group

HOYER Group engineers have combined their specialist knowledge and developed a new generation of titanium tank containers for highly corrosive dangerous goods, under contract to a major chemical industry customer. 

After two years of extensive development work and construction time, two units will be transported into operation in January 2021. The two new titanium tank containers were developed and built specifically to transport molten.

The HOYER Group leases the containers to a chemical industry customer with worldwide operations, for which it transports the highly corrosive product at an elevated temperature. The project team made a successful breakthrough by attaching the steel frame to the titanium tank; and what it describes as an “ingenious” heating system is another achievement.

Engineering director of HOYER Group, Hans Demarest, said: “Corrosive dangerous goods are among the most challenging products from a logistics point of view. 

“Managing the supply chain on the manufacturer’s side, maintaining optimum transport conditions and delivery to the end customers on the haulier’s side, requires special know-how and experience.”

Similar to all HOYER Group’s newly-built tank containers, the two new acquisitions are also equipped with Smart Technology. 

HOYER Group worked hand-in-hand with an external tank container manufacturer and a renowned producer of titanium vessels for this project. 

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11th June 2021