Unifly’s UTM system enables international first autonomous petrochemical sample transport at Port of Antwerp

Unifly’s UTM system enables international first autonomous petrochemical sample transport at Port of Antwerp

Unifly, a leader in UAS Traffic Management solutions, proudly announces its pivotal role in enabling the first-ever autonomous drone transport of petrochemical analysis samples at the port of Antwerp. This groundbreaking initiative, led by ADLC, SGS, and BASF and facilitated by Unifly’s advanced UTM system, marks a significant milestone in integrating autonomous drone technology into industrial operations.

The SAMPLIFLY project is an international industry first, meeting strict safety and regulatory requirements. ADLC is the first in Europe approved for drone transport of petrochemical samples and the first worldwide to do so within a port’s non-segregated controlled airspace. Traditionally, sample transport is conducted by road. Using drone logistics reduces transport time by up to six times, decreases CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent, and significantly enhances operational efficiency for both BASF Antwerp and SGS.

Unifly’s NextGen UTM system ensures safe drone operations at the port of Antwerp with real-time monitoring, automated flight planning, and enhanced situational awareness, enabling seamless BVLOS operations. Serving as a consultant for the SAMPLIFLY project, Unifly played a crucial role in obtaining flight authorizations. The Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority, which utilises Unifly’s UTM system, was instrumental in managing the necessary approvals.

“Leveraging the advanced UTM system of Unifly has been instrumental in making the SAMPLIFLY project a reality. This partnership has enabled us to meet stringent safety requirements and pioneer the use of autonomous drones for petrochemical sample transport, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and innovation in the logistics industry,” said Marc Kegelaers, co-founder of ADLC.

Operational since mid-March 2021, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges DronePortal has processed over 5,700 flight authorizations, playing a pivotal role in the evolving U-space landscape. The implementation of Unifly’s UTM system at Port of Antwerp-Bruges, in cooperation with SkeyDrone, has created an environment that fully enables the potential of the drone industry.

“We are thrilled to see our UTM system enabling such a transformative project. The successful implementation of BVLOS operations for petrochemical sample transport demonstrates the immense potential of autonomous drones in industrial applications. This project sets a new standard for safety and efficiency in drone logistics,” said Andres Van Swalm, CEO of Unifly.

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25 June 2024