5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024

5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024

Welcome to the highly-anticipated 5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024, a premier event that stands at the forefront of shaping the burgeoning LPG market in the West Africa region. This extraordinary gathering brings over 1000 LPG experts and features more than 50 exhibitors representing over 10 countries. It is a pivotal platform for leaders, industry experts, and government representatives in the LPG sector to forge valuable connections, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and showcase their latest products and services.

In the current landscape, West Africa has emerged as one of Africa’s fastest-growing LPG markets, with an impressive annual consumption of nearly 2.9 million tonnes. The region’s commitment to forest conservation and public health through reduction of biomass usage has fueled the momentum of adopting LPG as a household fuel since the 1990s, making it an attractive investment hub.

The 5th West Africa LPG Expo is poised to unfold in Senegal, a nation with a population of 17 million and a robust $24 billion GDP. Notably, Senegal has witnessed a remarkable 56-fold increase in LPG consumption, reaching 170,000 metric tons in 2017. Don’t miss the unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in this thriving industry and unlock the vast market potential that West Africa holds, as this expo aims to address these issues by fostering connections among LPG leaders to boost and share the great benefit of LPG adoption.

Location: Senegal, Africa
Date: 18 – 19 July 2024

Website: www.lpgexpo.com.sg