Dinges Logistics invests in a safe and sustainable future

Dinges Logistics invests in a safe and sustainable future

Safety is a top priority at Dinges Logistics. In order to ensure safe processes in all areas, not only qualified and conscientious personnel, but also proper equipment that meets state-of-the-art standards are of crucial importance. For this reason, Dinges Logistics not only actively promotes the further training of its employees, but also continuously invests in the modernization of various areas – including the vehicle fleet. With this in mind, 20 new Scania 560 S Super tractor units will be added to the company’s fleet this year. These will be delivered gradually in the coming weeks and months and will eventually replace older tractor units in the fleet.

The new tractor units have excellent, state-of-the-art equipment that plays a key role in ensuring safe operation. Numerous driver assistance systems, such as Emergency Braking Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Assist, and Attention Assist, to name a few, are integral safety components. The new tractor units are also equipped with a retarder for smooth speeding and braking. In addition, they feature a comprehensive system to monitor the fleet in real time and a dashcam to record critical situations. Furthermore, they will have a special alcohol immobiliser, as is already the case with a large part of the fleet at Dinges Logistics. Moreover, the new tractor units offer a number of comfort features, including a TV with satellite system, coffee machine, voltage converter, stationary air conditioning and heating, and the largest possible bed. These features are intended to provide the best possible working conditions for our drivers, despite the sometimes challenging conditions they face in their daily work. Additionally, the new tractor units are equipped with the advanced Scania Super powertrain, which is characterised above all by its outstanding fuel efficiency and robustness. “With the new tractor units, we now have a fuel consumption of less than 25 litres per 100 kilometres—that’s quite remarkable,” says Daniel Hirschinger, fleet manager at Dinges Logistics.

The integration of new tractor units into the fleet at Dinges Logistics has therefore optimised processes in terms of safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Overall, the modernization of the fleet emphasises the company’s commitment to improving its operational processes, minimising its environmental impact, and thus being prepared for the future as well as meeting the dynamic and complex demands of the market.

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30 April 2024