ECTA launches the ECTA Drivers App

ECTA launches the ECTA Drivers App

ECTA opens the ECTA Drivers APP to all ECTA Full Members. In the past year, the ECTA Driver Shortage Workgroup invested a lot of time into the ECTA initiative to give drivers a voice. The Workgroup consists of a group of ECTA Members. Finally, after test-phases, the web-based APP is ready for ECTA Members´ drivers.

The aim of the ECTA DRIVERS APP: ECTA wants to give drivers a chance to share their honest, daily experiences at (un)loading locations. Registered drivers can rate the following categories:

  • Safety
  • Waiting time
  • Truck driver treatment
  • Truck driver facilities

Drivers can rate 500+ European locations. Average and anonymous ratings will be published within the ECTA DRIVERS APP after 30 ratings per location.


Today, about 30 percent of the chemical shipments exceed a residence time of 3 hours. Which costs the chemical truck drivers much time at different (un)loading locations. This has a direct impact on the work-life balance which is below average compared to other sectors.

Moreover, the overall infrastructure for drivers needs improvement, gender friendliness and much more.

With the ECTA Drivers APP, ECTA wants to give drivers a voice and listen to their daily experiences.

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25th September 2023