Montana capital partners takes Climate Action on historical emissions with Pledge’s offsetting marketplace

Montana capital partners takes Climate Action on historical emissions with Pledge’s offsetting marketplace

Montana capital partners (mcp), the Swiss based private equity firm focused on secondary investments, has partnered with Pledge, the integrated carbon measurement and climate action platform, to offset its 2021 emissions.

Pledge’s self-serve marketplace offers companies across sectors access to a broad range of offset projects and frontier carbon removal technologies. Our customers can get a handy, at-a-glance view of each project, and easily make a selection in minutes. Each project has been thoroughly vetted by industry leaders giving customers peace of mind about the positive impact of their investments.

mcp has used our marketplace to self-select a portfolio balancing nature-based removal offsets and engineered solutions. This includes a biochar project based in Sweden, which also distributes waste heat from the biochar production process to heat local homes, and a reforestation project based in Kenya, which boasts several co-benefits, such as helping local farmers increase their income.

Also part of the portfolio is an innovative concrete mineralisation project, which has so far removed hundreds of thousands of metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Its technology is retrofitted into concrete plants and enables concrete producers to inject captured CO₂ into fresh concrete during mixing.

When selecting projects for its portfolio, mcp was focussed on those delivering high permanence and co-benefits, such as opportunities for the local community to improve their livelihoods or to develop best practices.

David de Picciotto, co-founder and CEO of Pledge said, “We’re pleased to see that mcp has taken a leadership position amongst investment boutiques in addressing its historical emissions by selecting a portfolio which is 100 percent focussed on carbon removal, whilst also delivering additional benefits.”

Marco Wulff, managing partner and CEO of mcp said “Investing responsibly and addressing ESG issues is not only an ethical imperative, it also positively affects the performance of investment portfolios. For us, this means following strict ESG-guidelines through the investment process. On a corporate level, we have decided to, among others, focus our carbon offset program on high permanence high quality carbon removal projects through partnering with Pledge. Pledge was able to tailor portfolio solutions to meet all our preferences. We were impressed by the quality and variety of projects offered by them and are proud of our partnership.”

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1st December 2022