Stolt Tank Containers elaborates on the benefits of baffle tank containers

Stolt Tank Containers elaborates on the benefits of baffle tank containers

Stolt Tank Containers sheds light on the advantages of baffle tank containers, widely recognised for their efficacy in transporting liquid volumes ranging from 20 percent to 80 percent of the tank container’s capacity. This article explores the key benefits of these specialised containers and their contribution to safer and more efficient liquid cargo transport.

Minimising Cargo Movement Baffle tanks, equipped with internal partitions or baffles, effectively reduce the movement of liquid cargo during transportation. This feature is particularly crucial when transporting smaller quantities of liquids with low viscosity or high fluidity. By mitigating swaying and shifting, internal baffles prevent potential damage to both the container and its contents, enhancing overall transport safety and stability.

Enhanced Transport Safety The stability and reduced movement provided by baffle tanks contribute to safer transportation of liquids, a vital consideration for hazardous products and sensitive materials. This stability helps minimise the risk of accidents and potential fines, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Versatility and Flexibility Baffle tanks accommodate a wide range of liquid cargoes, including chemicals, food products, and bulk liquids. Their design allows for loading within the versatile range of 20 percent to 80 percent tank container capacity, offering flexibility to meet diverse customer needs.

Regulatory Compliance Baffle tanks aid in meeting regulatory requirements for transporting certain liquids by providing a safer and more stable transport environment, aligning with industry standards and regulations.

Evolution in Design Recent advancements in baffle tank design include a transition from bolted horizontal baffles to welded vertical baffles, enhancing structural integrity and simplifying the cleaning process. The updated design features a full deck walkway for comprehensive coverage, exceeding previous safety measures. Equipped with 12 heating runs for effective heating, these new baffle tank containers hold ADR Tank certification and are approved for railway, deep sea, truck, and barge use, ensuring optimal performance and safety across various transportation modes.

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26 March 2024