Suttons Tankers strengthens partnership with CF Fertilisers

Suttons Tankers strengthens partnership with CF Fertilisers

Over the course of three decades, Suttons Tankers and CF Fertilisers have nurtured a robust partnership. As a demonstration of their ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to continuous improvement, they have recently introduced new nitric acid tanks into the operation.

Suttons are responsible for transporting various products for CF, including nitric acid, ammonia solution, anhydrous ammonia, and weak ammonium nitrate. These products are loaded from Billingham and distributed to customers nationwide.

In line with CF’s ongoing commitment to serving the UK market, Suttons has made a £1.8 million investment in a new fleet, backed by CF. This investment encompasses the acquisition of 12 new nitric acid tanks and the refurbishment of 4 anhydrous ammonia tanks.

Throughout their partnership, Suttons has consistently delivered leading service levels to CF. They have demonstrated flexibility by extending support beyond contractual obligations when required.

The fleet investment will enable Suttons to maintain exceptional service standards for CF’s customers, as the latest equipment will significantly decrease downtime.

Paul Blakeston, head of chemicals, commented: “At Suttons, investing in our fleet is key. It helps us maintain excellent service and safety, which we’re proud of.

“We are delighted to strengthen our bond with CF even further and are excited to see where our partnership takes us in the future.”

Cameron Dewhurst, supply chain manager at CF, said: “The tanker investment with Suttons exemplifies our focus on continuing outstanding service and customer experience, whilst keeping safety at the forefront.

“It also demonstrates our long-term commitment to supplying the UK market, and Suttons are a key partner for us in achieving this.”

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30 April 2024