The Marcevaggi Group celebrates its 90th anniversary in Genoa

The Marcevaggi Group celebrates its 90th anniversary in Genoa

To celebrate its 90 years of activity, the Marcevaggi Group returned to its Genoese roots by hosting a prestigious event at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. Despite the company’s headquarters now being in Milan, the Remondini family wanted to pay tribute to the city where it all began.

The event was held in an informal atmosphere, with a business casual dress code, “a bit American style because we want to maintain a pragmatic and international approach”, said Alberto Remondini.

The celebration event was attended by over 300 guests, including employees, customers and partners, highlighting the company’s strong connection with Genoa and the Italian logistics industry.

During the ceremony, Alberto emphasised the company’s mission: “Handling with care, we only do difficult things and we make them easier. Doing difficult things, I believe, is the true vocation of our nationality, We Italians are so good at doing difficult things that when we do easy things we end up complicating them.

History and evolution

The group, founded by Marcello Vaggi and sold to Mario Remondini in 1934, began as a shipping agency in a small Genoese office and now has 600 employees and a turnover of 150 million euros. Today, the Marcevaggi holding is led by the third generation, with Emanuele Remondini as chairman and his son Alberto as CEO.

The headquarter, from decades for commercial reasons, is located in Locate di Triulzi, in the province of Milan.

The two main operating companies of the Marcevaggi Group are STAR Spa and Levorato Marcevaggi Srl. STAR Spa, led by Alberto Remondini, deals with the logistics and transport of bulk products for the chemical and environmental industries. Levorato Marcevaggi Srl, a joint venture with the Levorato family, with Gino Levorato as CEO, focuses on the transport of special gases and into plane services at airports.

Successes and innovations

The company has maintained innovation and quality as fundamental pillars for success.

The future of the Marcevaggi Group, with a constant commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, aims to keep alive the three key values that have guided the company for nearly a century: excellence, simplification, and care; these guide the group towards new challenges and opportunities.

Looking to the Future

Looking ahead, the Remondini family is determined to maintain and grow the company’s success. Emanuele Remondini emphasised the importance of generational transition and the commitment to preserving the fundamental principles that led the group to celebrate this significant milestone.

The family continues to prove that, despite the changes and challenges that the market forces them to face with honesty and discipline, dedication and innovation remain at the core of their work as they look forward to the coming decades.

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2 July 2024